Member of the Year

2007 Outstanding Member of the Year – Todd Black

Dec 24, 2019 | Member of the Year

Todd opened his own shop at the age of 25, and today operates 2 locations with 14 employees.  Todd is an ASE Certified technician and holds a Journey Man Certificate.  Todd has been active on the Automotive Advisory Committee at Bellingham Technical College for over 11 years.  In 2001 Todd was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from Bellingham Technical College.

Todd joined ASA-WA in 1996 and played an integral part in revitalizing his local unit, and has held numerous ASA offices.  Todd is currently on the state Board of Directors as our Treasurer.  Todd was also one of the founding fathers of an automotive radio talk show which is still on the air today.

Todd has been involved in the ASA-WA “Lights-On” program since 1992, when he worked for Joe & Elaine Mills.

Todd, his wife Janel, son Dakota, and daughter Riley reside in Bellingham, Washington.

Message from John Morgan:
John was an IGO, ASC, ASA member for over 34 years.  John was named the Outstanding Member of the Year in 1984.  John spoke with Todd Black a few days ago and with a beaming smile he showed me the plaque.

I am proud that Todd was chosen for this terrific award for I certainly feel he is another dedicated and outstanding person.  Of course I am retired now but my name still appears on my old shop with only a slight change.  Todd and Janel Black bought my business as a second location for which I am very grateful.  One of my deepest concerns was “how will my customers be treated and cared for when I retire?”  Needless to say the Black’s are doing a great job.  I continually run into old customers and get nothing but great reports.