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iTAC Employer Requirements

Learn more about Independent Technicians Automotive Committee (iTAC) Employer Requirements.

Independent Technicians Automotive Committee (iTAC) Employer Requirements

Employer Responsibilities for Participation:

  1. Become a Training Agent by signing the ITAC agreement form furnished by the Washington State Labor & Industries Apprenticeship Section and Northwest Auto Care Alliance.
  2. Grant equal treatment and training opportunities for all apprentices and apply those conditions uniformly.
  3. Conform to the NWACA Code of Ethics.
  4. Maintain environmental and hazmat compliance.
  5. Maintain program requirements set forth by the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) to remain in compliane with the state of Washington.
  6. Have equipment available and rotate apprentices in the various processes and equipment of the skilled occupation.
  7. Identify and hire an apprentice to train in the apprenticeship program.
  8. Identify a Master Tradesperson to mentor the apprentice(s), provide proper on-the-job training, and maintain the appropriate 1:1 ratio.
  9. Periodically review and evaluate apprentices before advancement to the next wage progression.
  10. Pay your apprentice(s) the percentage of Journey wage rate for hours worked (see table).
Step Number Step Hours Journey Level Wage %
1 1000 60.00
2 2000 65.00
3 3000 70.00
4 4000 75.00
5 5000 80.00
6 6000 85.00
7 7000 90.00
8 8000 98.00

Wage Progression for Occupation:

  1. Employers will provide a journey-level wage scale based on the journey level wage rate established for their business. As a registered statewide apprenticeship program, ITAC is required by the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I), to establish the base hourly rate of a skilled/journey level employee participating in the apprenticeship program.
  2. Pay will vary by employer and number of hours worked.

For more information and required documents click on the link below:

Employer Program Guide Complete

Please contact our iTAC Apprenticeship program coordinator at or call (253) 660-ITAC

It is the mission of the Independent Technicians Automotive Committee (ITAC) that the training of apprentices shall be without discrimination based on race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or as otherwise specified by law. ITAC also encourages women, minorities and veterans to apply with their employer.