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The Northwest Auto Care Alliance is an association of automotive service businesses dedicated to improving the automotive service industry and the success of its members. Learn more about us and our code of ethics below.

Why Join Us

Webster’s definition of association is “A group of people organized together for a joint purpose”. When you look at what we have in the Northwest Auto Care Alliance, that definition leaves a lot out. In Northwest Auto Care Alliance, we currently have about 450 (and growing) member shops with another 100 plus allied members who have come together for a number of reasons. We’re committed not only to the success of our own businesses, but our industry as a whole. As Northwest Auto Care Alliance members we see a multitude of benefits. Certainly, there are programs for discounts we can take advantage of for many of our business needs, but the reality is, a lot of us can find similar discounts elsewhere. So why Northwest Auto Care Alliance? One of the overwhelming responses we hear from a great majority of our members is, networking. There is no other vehicle that gives us the opportunity to come together and share our experience, ideas, struggles, and successes. Opportunities that range from local monthly chapter meetings, our semi-annual retreats, our fun events, to Northwest Auto Care Alliance Northwest’s Automotive Training Expo (ATE). Speaking of ATE, Northwest Auto Care Alliance members have first shot at the class schedule, and receive a discount on registration.

That’s a benefit you can’t find anywhere else! In addition to the advantages of training opportunities and networking with the best of the best, in Northwest Auto Care Alliance, we also have a free mentor program. No matter how good an operator someone is today, none of us came into our businesses with all the answers, and to have the chance to hook up with a successful shop owner who can help you build a solid foundation to grow from is invaluable. One more benefit you can’t find anywhere else! Another advantage is representation on the legislative front – NWACA has an ear to the ground on anything our friends in government might be considering that could impact us. We belong to NWACA because we want to be a part of something that has a positive impact not only on our own shop, but the entire industry. We want to continue to grow and be successful. We want to be better. Not only have we forged numerous relationships that are helping us accomplish that, but countless friendships as well. Why should you join Northwest Auto Care Alliance? The better question is, why wouldn’t you? 



Automotive Management Institute

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Spark new ideas with our innovative and cutting edge programs and events.

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NWACA offers industry training and education to help give you direction. Learn about iTAC Apprenticeship.

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Make new connections with unique and diverse networking opportunities.

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Find your keys to success with our special member benefits and numerous resources.

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About ATE

ATE has some of the best trainers in the industry lined up! Get the latest training, browse Exhibits ranging from all aspects of the industry, benefit from great networking opportunities and more. And if they haven’t heard yet, don’t forget to tell your Boss and Colleagues.

ITAC Apprenticeship

ITAC is an industry-driven apprenticeship organization, founded on the belief that mastery occurs on the job. Through youth apprenticeship and adult apprenticeship, all people have the opportunity to earn competitive wages, find meaningful and fulfilling work, and pursue lifelong learning.

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Become a more confident, successful independent automotive professional. Be a leader in your industry, with the skills, knowledge and freedom to help others find their way.

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