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February 2023 Outstanding Member of the Year – Micah Strom

Feb 13, 2023 | Member of the Year

2023 Outstanding Member of the Year – Micah Strom

Over the last several years this person has excelled in helping NWACA move forward during these troubling times.

This past year, this person has jumped at the opportunities to get involved in NWACA Leadership. Volunteering to oversee the NWACA Facebook page and keeping it relevant and up to date.

They have helped promote ITAC and NWACA at local Trade Events including Student Job Fairs, coming up with ideas that help attract students and parents to the booth.

Recently they have noticed that NWACA has lacked collision repair technical training and is now working with NWACA staff on a new Northwest Collision Training Expo (CTE).

These are just some of the reasons that this year we would like to honor this person with the most extinguished award that NWACA gives out to its members.

We would like to congratulate Micah Strom, from Modern Collision Rebuild & Service as this year’s 2023 Outstanding Member of the year. Outstanding Member of the Year is the highest honor bestowed on any member of Northwest Auto Care Alliance.