Tire Dealers – Return To Work Guide

Return to Work Guide for the Auto Tire and Repair Industry

  • Save money and help workers recover from injuries faster
  • Develop best practices for modified duty jobs
  • Improve employee relationships and maintain good employees
  • Watch The Video below for Instructions on modifying a job


A guide to assist employers in the tire industry with light duty and modified return to work programs to help them save money and keep employees working when they are injured on the job.

The guide will help employers navigate a successful return to modified light duty and provides tips on how to apply for reimbursement of partial wages when a worker has a temporary job modification requirement.

Job Descriptions provided for the return to work guide: 

  • Sales Representative
  • Delivery/Service Driver Wholesale & Retail
  • Retreader
  • Front Counter Service Writer
  • Commercial Tire Technician
  • Mechanic
  • Lube Technician
  • Technician
  • Retail Store Tire Technician

The written guide will be on this site in the very near future.


We would like to thank Leslie McCue, BA, CDMS of Strategic Consulting Services, Inc. for the Job Analyses evaluations that resulted in the attached job descriptions.