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1996 Outstanding Member of the Year – Gini Steffy

Dec 24, 2019 | Member of the Year

Gini Steffy, co-owner of G & S Motors in Lynnwood was named ASA-WA’s Outstanding Member of the Year 1996.  This honor was awarded to Gini by ASA-WA’s President, Ed Cushman.

As the first woman to receive this award, and her husband Larry received the Outstanding Member of the Year in 1994, making Gini and Larry the only couple that have both been named for this honor.

Gini, a native of Seattle and graduate of Garfield High School in Seattle and Whitman College in Walla Walla.  Gini then taught school in the Edmonds School system for eight years before entering into business with her husband Larry.  Gini & Larry have owned and operated G & S Motors since 1970.

For those of you who have attended meetings where Gini & Larry have introduced themselves from G & S as God & Spouse, will understand that this is a real partnership.

Gini’s devotion to ASA-WA is legendary.  Currently, she serves as President of the Washington State and the National Ascettes.  You will always find Gini welcoming members at their Snohomish Unit meetings and in general doing anything she is asked to help our association.  Our present Washington Dateline has become a reality through her efforts.

Both Gini & Larry attend many state and national industry events and seminars.

Upon presenting this honor to Gini, Ed Cushman stated, “This person has donated so much time and effort to this association throughout the past and present years, it is truly uncountable”.

Congratulations Gini on a Much deserved honor!