Member of the Year

2000 Outstanding Member of the Year – Vern Allen

Dec 24, 2019 | Member of the Year

Vern Allen, with Interstate Batteries of Seattle, was named ASA-WA’s Outstanding Member of the Year for 2000.  This award was presented to Vern by ASA-WA’s President, Elaine Mills.

This honor is bestowed upon the member who has contributed the most during the preceding years to benefit and assist not only ASA-WA members but the automotive industry as a whole.

Vern is the third Allied Member to receive this award since it’s inception in 1968.

Vern and Interstate Batteries of Seattle have been active in ASA-WA for many years.  First becoming a Unit Allied Member of the Snohomish Unit, and then a State Allied Member in 1986.  Vern was elected to the ASA-WA Board of Directors in 1998, as the Allied Division Chairman.  He has served the Snohomish ASA Unit as the Lights-On Chairman, Secretary and is currently the Vice President.

Together with his wife Carolyn, they attend most local, state and national events.  Vern & Carolyn drive the replica of the Interstate Batteries Race Car to many ASA-WA functions.

Congratulations to Vern, who joins the distinguished list of Outstanding Members in ASA-WA.