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2004 Outstanding Member of the Year – Jerry Smith

Dec 24, 2019 | Member of the Year

Jerry Smith of Parts and People/Northwest Motor Edition is the 2004 Outstanding Member of the Year.  Jerry is widely known and respected by ASA Washington members, and has been extremely dedicated to our association and to the automotive industry as a whole.

Jerry has a degree in theater production at the University of Washington, and has appeared in several movies and more than 30 stage productions.

Jerry became involved in the automotive industry when he accepted an executive position at a popular auto parts distribution center in Seattle.  Almost immediately, he joined several school and college advisory committees, as well as service associations including ASA of Washington.  In 1970 Jerry purchased an automotive publication business that we all continue to enjoy today.

In the 70s and the 80s, he played a key role in helping various automotive service associations to work together rather than compete.  His actions are directly responsible for the level of cooperation we all experience today.

Jerry has held leadership positions WAWA, the Automotive Hall of Fame, Automotive Boosters, NW. Automotive Boosters, Car Care Month, and of course the Automotive Service Association of Washington.

His assistance and dedication to ASA and other associations in organizing conventions, banquets, training, trade shows, retreats, and providing publicity to these events was far beyond anyone’s expectations.  The assistance and expertise Jerry has provided to our ASA-WA staff while prepared for our trade shows was always above and beyond the call of duty and very much appreciated.

Starting in the early 90s, Jerry was instrumental in promoting an idea that eventually became ITEC, not only a state program, but one that’s recognized nationally.

Over the years, Jerry has been honored with:
*1987 International Booster of the Year
*1990 The Distinguished Service Award
*1992 The Automotive Industry Leader of the Year.

Congratulations Jerry, and thank you for all that you do to make our association and our industry, the best it can be.