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2006 Outstanding Member of the Year – Brian Johnson

Dec 24, 2019 | Member of the Year

Brian Johnson, Motoring Service in Kennewick was the recipient of the “2006 Outstanding Member of the Year” award.

Brian’s dad Dave Johnson started Motoring Services Auto Repair in 1979 and Brian got involved with the business in 1982.  Dave got Brian involved with ASA-WA right away.

Brian started attending the local unit meetings and became the Treasurer for 1984.  Brian attended state retreats beginning in 1983.  By 1986 Brian was running his father’s business while his father attended car auctions.

Brian got involved in the automotive advisory board for the local high schools and community college and still is today.

Business was slow in the early years and Brian wanted to learn how to make the business grow.  He turned to ASA for help.  Brian met Buz Throndsen who was a retired successful automotive business owner.  Buz taught him many ways to begin to grow his business.  Brian also sought out help from fellow members at the state retreats.  Brian began implementing what he was learning and by 1988 the business started to turn around.  Brian attended every seminar that ASA was offering (since they were the only ones putting on automotive training).

In 1989, Brian became President of the Tri-Cities ASA chapter.  Brian was instrumental in getting other automotive businesses involved with ASA and encouraged them to get ASE certified.  The chapter was growing and so did Motoring Services, it quadrupled by 1992 and Brian began plans for a new building to continue the growth of the business  In 1993, Motoring Services moved into a new facility with much more capacity.  Brian’s employees have been involved with ASA both on the local and the state level.  Brian continued to seek out training through ASA, R.L. O’Connor, quality organizations, chambers, local colleges, community education, and many more.

In 1998, Brian purchased the business from his father and quickly began to expand the business again to a second location.  Motoring Services won several awards including:
*1998 Northwest Automotive Shop of the Year
*1999 Silver Mid-Columbia Business of the Year
*2000 Gold Mid-Columbia Business of the Year
*2000 South Central Washington Small Business of the Year
*2001 Washington State Small Business Person of the Year
*2001 Washington State Quality Award
*2002 ASA National Advertising Commercial of the Year

Brian has served on the state ASA board as Mechanical Chairman, Government Affairs Committee, and State Treasurer.  Brian was instrumental in implementing a business plan for the state ASA office.

Brian continues to this day to be involved in the Tri-Cities ASA chapter and his business has grown another five fold.  Brian has been involved in the local community through quality organizations, small business awards, chamber Vice-President, local sports, donations to every event imaginable, cancer society, and many more.

Over the years, Brian has been President of the local ASA chapter 2 times, he has donated free repairs for the state ASA vehicles, organized many training events, lights-on, and helped countless shop owners to grow their business.