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2009 Outstanding Member of the Year – Dudley Bain

Dec 24, 2019 | Member of the Year

This year’s outstanding member of the year recipient Dudley Bain with Benefit Consultants Northwest has more than 40 years of extensive leadership experience serving business owners in the Northwest with management, marketing and administration.  Dud is active in the community at large, and continues to be involved with regulatory/legislative events.

Dud is a supporter of the ASA Annual “Lights ON” program, ASA Retreat Sponsor, ATE/ NACE/ CARS Exhibitor and Attendee.

DUD is the Site Sponsor for fire fighters annual “Fill the Boot” fundraiser to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Dud is a sponsor for the national non-denominational organization that provides Christian based community outreach to rural communities and contributions to both local and national programs serving the homeless, drug rehabilitation and education.

Dud has been an active member of ASA-WA and ASA national and has served as the Administrator of the Medical Insurance Program since 1997.  Overall, he maintains a strong emphasis on the small group market as evidenced by his formation and administration of a Multiple Employer Trust 501-C for the automotive industry called the Automotive Health Insurance Trust. From this AHIT program ASA-WA has been able to have our president’s and leadership conference every September funded through the trust.  In 2006 he committed to join ASA National to offer ASA shops across the United States medical programs tailored to the shop owners.  That effort continues today with service and help to fellow members.

Dud was one of the co- founders and shareholder of two Washington State based life and health insurance companies – American Shield Insurance Company and Universal Security Life. and served as the executive Committee Chairperson from 1974 to 1992.

Dud has served as an all lines insurance Agent and Broker starting his own Insurance Agency in 1964.  He was recognized nationally for 9 consecutive years as one of the top 8 agents out of 23,000 for his production, retention, customer service, profitability and persistency.

Dud has been an active and vocal participant in the process of the health care reform to protect the rights of the small business owner, and is also active in the:

*National Association of Health Underwriters

*National Association of Insurance Commissioners

*Washington Association of Realtors

*Automotive Service Association

*Employee Benefit Institute of America

*Professional Insurance Agents Association

*Self-Insurance Institute of America

*Graduate of the Automotive Management Institute

Dud also sponsors site and volunteers for the benefit of the Spokane Guilds School and Neuromuscular Center serving infants and toddlers with disabilities.

Dudley Bain is the 2009 Outstand Member of the Year for ASA-WA.