Member of the Year

2011 Outstanding Member of the Year – Butch Jobst

Dec 24, 2019 | Member of the Year

This year’s Outstanding Member of the Year is Butch Jobst.  Butch not only successfully runs his own business, but is also the ASA-WA Secretary on the Board of Directors. There are always many people that stand out and definitely deserve to be the recipient of the award, but we do have to choose just one.

The criteria for the award does not stop at just being involved with our association, but also includes involvement in our local communities to make this state a better place to live.
The award goes to an individual that is very involved in our industry on many different levels.
This person is involved with the local High School automotive advisory council and has been on the board for over 20 years.
He has also been on the advisory board for the local college for over 15 years.
He has been a guest speaker at the High School career fairs many times in the last 20+ years
He spends many hours each year with the local school district on projects created through the booster club. Many of these projects his “wife thought would be a good idea”. She has figured out how to say no, but he lacks this skill.
Examples of these projects are:
•    Painting a US map on the school playground
•    Fundraisers for the music and sports
•    Food donations for local food banks
He has been a chaperone driver for the recreation league softball and soccer tournaments for many years
He has served as a Cub Scout Den leader and been a Boy Scout volunteer for over 12 years.
He has logged hundreds of miles as a leader/chaperone for the troop with the last 5 years doing 50-mile hikes.
When it comes to helping our association, he is always right there too.
He closes his shop on the Friday of ATE to make sure that all his employees get the training they need
He takes time away from his business to ride with Dave Burnett to help recruit new members
He did an outstanding job as our mechanical chairman for 2 years
He volunteered at the annual golf tournament and even drove around the course working as a deputy to make sure all the rules are followed
He took the time to teach himself all the ins and outs of credit card processing and took that further to find the best company available and set them up for the rest of our members to take advantage of this benefit.
He has worked tirelessly on the benefits committee to help our regular members and our allied members too
He has been the local unit President at least 2 years
We are truly blessed to have such a quality person in our association.