Member of the Year

2019 Outstanding Member of The Year – Jen Smith

Feb 21, 2020 | Member of the Year

Jen Smith awarded the 2019 Outstanding Member of the Year.  

This is the highest honor given by Northwest Auto Care Alliance. So many folks in and around this association carve precious time from their lives to serve others both within and outside of our industry. 

Their work is seldom noticed by the general population, our association membership, in fact often they seem to be operating in stealth mode.  However, their work is felt by many, they brighten days, they warm hearts, and they lighten the load for others, and take up slack in systems automatically.

When they discover a need, they get to the business of solving the puzzle quickly and go about the job, whatever it is, adding the tasks to their busy lives without hesitation. 

Jen grew up in an automotive service family, and then married within the industry.

In the middle of raising a family Brian & Jen Smith took a leap of faith, packed up the family and relocated miles away to be an entrepreneur in this industry.  

Yes, move the kids, find a new house, a new school, church, grocery store, etc. 

Knowing full well growing any business much less an Independent repair shop would take an incredible number of hours, yet Jen has always found time to serve others, in fact, “building her life around serving others”.  This move worked out very well, together Brian & Jan Smith, built a great business and became part of the community in a very positive way. 

Jen is a mother of 2 college graduates, and a 2nd grader has a heart for other people. 

A ready volunteer at her children’s schools, their church, girl scouts, boy scouts, etc.

Then there is Northwest Auto Care Alliance, where Jen has been a tremendous help for ATE helping with registration and many other tasks.

Jen joined the Ascettes board around 2010, and has served as president for the last 6 years.  She’s taken the Ascettes to heart, and has been tremendously dedicated. 

Jen’s always there to help with Kid’s First, starting with wrapping presents, up until this year, basically pushing Jeff out of the way and taking over the duties of head shopper as well.  

Congratulations Jen Smith, 2019 Outstanding Member of the Year.