Reflecting On NWACA’s 2022 Accomplishments

Dec 1, 2022 | Blog

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Reflecting On NWACA’s 2022 Accomplishments

As we come to the end of 2022, the Northwest Auto Care Alliance reflects on all the significant changes that took place this year. Here are four of the bigger highlights:

  1. We reopened all in-person meetings, conferences, and retreats after the COVID restrictions subsided.
  2. ATE West and ATE East were successful, and we offered 260+ hours of training.
  3. Jeff Lovell retired, and Brenda Wolslegel took over as Executive Director of NWACA.
  4. We added more members and staff to the NWACA family.

Meeting IRL Again (In Real Life)

While COVID forced us to meet solely online, 2022 was the year that restrictions were lifted, and we could meet again in person. Lucky for us, we were able to offer hybrid chapter meetings where our Zoom attendees could join in on the fun at the in-person events. 

It was an excellent year for reuniting with friends and associates at the following gatherings:

We also had several super duper NWACA Chapter meetings, including those hosted by:

  • Pierce County Chapter
  • Whatcom- Skagit Chapter
  • Sno-King Chapter
  • SW Chapter
  • Olympic Peninsula Chapter
  • Tri-Cities Chapter
  • Yakima Chapter
  • Spokane Chapter

Technical Training & Professional Development

ATE West in Seattle takes place in March, and ATE East in Spokane takes place in September. These are our flagship training events. In 2021, we could hold ATE East, but 2022 was special because we could reopen ATE West. 

Both training events offered world-class trainers who spoke on all technical and management topics. From diagnostics to personnel development classes, our ATE events had many people sign up to learn something new. When you invest in your education, you benefit both personally and professionally.

One Chapter Ends, While Another Begins

Jeff Lovell and Brenda Wolslegel worked together for many years to manage our membership and events. But in 2022, Jeff moved into retirement, and Brenda took over as Executive Director of NWACA. We also added new staff members, including Charisa Nicholas and JoAnna Sohnrey.

To add, effective January 1, 2022, we changed our affiliation as an organization from ASA Northwest to Northwest Auto Care Alliance. We embraced the changes because we believe in offering the best benefits to our members. Therefore, 2022 was a year of significant changes that helped us grow and expand in partnership with similar Auto Care Alliances.

Excitement For The Future

As we say goodbye to 2022, we look forward to seeing what’s on the horizon. We expect our membership to grow, as we are a thriving community that comes together during times of uncertainty. 

No one knows what the future holds. However, we know that together we are stronger and can endure economic ups and downs, recruit talented employees, deal with global supply-chain issues, and still come out on top.

In short, we do everything we can to support our vibrant community of auto repair industry members. From auto shop owners and suppliers to marketing vendors and business coaches, the Northwest Auto Care Alliance has built lasting trust that lifts and inspires everyone involved.

How Can I Become Part Of The NWACA Community?

We encourage you to invite new members to join our NWACA meetings, for we are a great community of like-minded individuals. Tell them they can expect their businesses to benefit by becoming active Northwest Auto Care Alliance members. 

For more information about becoming a Northwest Auto Care Alliance member, you will find answers to most of your questions on our website. If you have questions, contact our Executive Director, Brenda Wolslegel.