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FREE monthly Shop Owner Round Table

Jul 12, 2023 | Featured Events

Why do you care? Because your family matters. Your checkbook matters. Your employees matter. YOU MATTER.Each month is amazing but it seems like the meetings are just getting better and better!We’ve talked about so many different things like

·         How to handle bad reviews

·         How to hire the right person the first time and what to do when you don’t

·         What to do when the unexpected happens (your best tech quits, your top advisor suddenly gets sick, etc)

·         Pay plans that work for everyone

·         Things are slowing down… now what?

The meetings are so engaging – I love it!  So many have been coming but…Where were you?

I’ve been coaching shop owners and managers like you for years.  It seems more and more I’ve been getting questions.  I’m offering this round table monthly for shop owners who want to grow but just aren’t ready for coaching.I get questions like:>>> How do I prepare if there is a recession coming?  How do I keep my customers engaged?>>> What should I be doing today to make more profit?>>> How can I get more time to work on the long game in my business?>>> Is there a way to help my team and I get on the same page?>>> How can I get home to my family at night?Maybe you’ve had these questions, too?You may have felt like you’re in a never-ending cycle of putting out fires in your shop and leveling up just isn’t happening for you.And you may be looking at ways of getting more vehicles in the garage in 2022 so that you can finally focus on building your business rather than simply skating by (and barely doing that).But for whatever reason, you don’t feel like you can or want to afford coaching.I’ve been feeling a strong pull to offer something to shop owners like you who need help – but are not ready to step into paid coaching.  Something for shop owners who truly don’t feel they can afford coaching.  Whatever the reason, I’ve finally decided to offer something free.It’s a free monthly Automotive Repair Shop Owner Roundtable where i facilitate a group to answer questions just like the ones you’ve been asking yourself.It’s 1 hour and I host it on the 2nd Thursday evening of every month at 7pm Eastern Time.  It’s 1-hour and is designed to help you bring in more happy clients and make a profit (without working yourself to death in the process).  An opportunity to network with 30-50 other shop owners just like you.  Some bigger.  Some smaller.  Everyone facing the same challenges every day.You’ll get actionable advice you can implement immediately. And it won’t cost you a dime.Want an invite? Click here to register.I’ll send you email reminders the day of the Roundtable every month that will include the zoom link for that month’s meeting.  Our next meeting is July 13th at 7pm EST (6pm Central/5pm Mountain/4pm Pacific).You’ll get a clear path forward that should relieve that cloud of doubt hanging over your future.Some meetings we have had more than 50 shop owners attend.   To make sure everyone gets heard – we are going to keep it a little smaller this month.  Any late sign-ups will just go on a waitlist for next month – no worries!  Right now I’m still accepting registrations.Click here to register.Until then,Stay safe, have fun and go make some abundance!

P.S. If you no longer want Shop Owner Round Table reminders, Click here and I’ll put you into Do Not Disturb Mode for any future round table notifications.