Federated Insurance® Launches Association Member Benefits Page

Jul 9, 2024 | Dateline

 Federated Insurance® Launches Association Member Benefits Page


Federated Insurance strives to provide valuable benefits to association members. To continue giving the best support and guidance, an Association Member Benefits page has been created on our website to provide a helpful overview on what Federated® can offer to help maximize your partnership with us.

We ask that you add this link to your webpage as a way to share what Federated provides for association members — and as an opportunity for non-members to see what they can gain from becoming an association member. Also, please send the attached communication to your members, announcing this new value-added Federated resource.

We have also attached a letter for you to use when you have a new member, communicating this value-added Federated resource.

Offerings that are highlighted on this page include:

• The ability to directly contact Federated professionals voice-to-voice and face-to-face

• Safety and risk management services, programs, and support

• Tailored industry-specific products

• Specialized coverages

Take a moment today to explore and utilize this helpful resource.

Click Here for the Members Benefits Page