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  1. Mike Hall

    Here at Motoring Services in Kennewick…

    As our way of saying Thank You to those Essential workers, we’d like to offer 15% off your total bill here at Motoring Services. To all the healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, Grocery store employees, everyone that’s fighting this virus head, we thank you.

    Come and see us! 509.374.2222

  2. Dave Parkhurst

    From GreenHaven Interactive: One “Best Practice” what we’ve seen many shops engaging in is taking pictures of staff doing extra cleaning, wiping down car door handles, steering wheels, shifters and other surfaces that technicians touch during repair. Then we will post those pictures on their website along with the measures that the shop is taking to ensure both customer and staff safety. If we can help, check out our website or call Dave or Ethan.

  3. Tracy Franks

    Transaction best practices – taking the payment

    • Customer signatures are no longer required on merchant credit card receipts. Minimize risk by working with your credit card payment provider to reprogram your terminal and turn off the signature line on your receipts. This will eliminate the need to pass the receipt between the merchant and the customer, as well as (and probably worse) the community pen kept at the counter. If you are not able to reprogram the terminal, inform your staff not to hand over the merchant receipt for signature. Simply file it as you normally would, but without the signature. (CNN – April 2018 –

    • If you do not already have a customer facing PIN pad, acquire one from your card payment provider. With the PIN pad in place, there will be no need to pass a credit card between the client and the merchant. Make sure you get the PIN pad that accepts both chip and NFC such as the First Data FD35 for example.

    • NFC, commonly referred to as Apple Pay or Google Wallet will allow the client to utilize contactless payment. When using NFC, the client touches nothing and exchanges nothing (other than the product) with the merchant.

    • Wipe down terminals, PIN pads, and the surrounding areas with disinfectant wipes between each use.

    • Favor credit & debit transactions in order to reduce handling cash.


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